Презентация в пиплз 4 еремин

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Презентация — Урок-конференция в 8 классе «People we admire — Famous Russians»

Как часто Вы употребляете англоязычный сленг в своей презентации а Часто б Иногда в Не употребляю 2. Beethoven moved to Vienna inwhere he intended to study with Joseph Haydn. Being hardworking by nature Mavis always еремин to be busy doing something.

Man It was medium brown and very short.

People — презентация, доклад, проект

They came to see the Beatles during their lunch-break. George shouted angrily at his brother and ran out of his house. In his family moved to St. Your parents are going away this weekend. Also he was unusual talented in music. She is пиплз average height, neither fat nor thin. My brother played computer games..